The Slow Burning Fuse

an atheisitic anarchistic scorcher

A letter

Waihi, Oct. 16

Mr. McRobie, proprietor of the local newspaper, yesterday received the following letter:

“You dirty, black, trimmed-whiskered mongrel, if you don’t alter your hostile tactics toward the Waihi Miners’ Union in your leading articles in your dirty, gutter-snipe rag, I inform you candidly that I have 250 plugs of gelignite, 100 detonators, and six coils of fuse, of which you shall swallow some if you keep on at the rate you are going. Now, McRobie, I have warned you; so beware. I am in earnest, ‘Only a Striker’.”

A letter to the editor of the Waihi Telegraph 1912  who had been vituperous in his condemnation of the miners’ strike in the town…McRobie never came to no harm..


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