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Today in anarchist history

11 May 1898: the first issue of  Discontent- Mother of Progress, anarchist paper of Home Colony, Washington


Discontent; Mother of Progress was a four page Anarchist newspaper that was published weekly in LakeBay Washington at a yearly subscription price of 50 cent. LakeBay was the postal address of the famous “Home” anarchist colony that had been establish in 1896 by George H. Allen, Oliver A. Verity, and B.F. O’Dell.

The founders purchased 26 acres and had their families  join them and build cabins.  Land was apportioned to those who became members and, agreed to its anarchist ideals and to pay for their section of land.  By 1901 it had increases in size to 217 acres and had become home to a collection of anarchists, and freethinkers, and others who did not fit in with mainstream society.

Emma Goldman was amongst those who visited and gave lectures.

Our Home--June 1, 1898--p.2.1200w










How to get to home--Oct. 31, 1900--p.5.300w




































Following the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 the colony came under scrutiny from  their neighbours.  A vigilante committee was formed calling itself the Loyal League who planned to invade the colony and set fire to it.  They were thwarted when the local steamboat owner refused to allow them on his boat.

The colony as an anarchist community survived until 1919 when it was dissolved.

The editor of the paper was Olivar A. Verity, who usually signed himself O. A. Verity.

It was published by a group of Home residents who were interested in making it an organ for the spreading of the principles of liberty. Their goal was to send the truth, as they saw it, into as many homes as possible. The tone of the paper was not militant and angry but more straightforward and sarcastic.  In the first issue the paper explained its goals:

Discontent will, first of all, be an Anarchist newspaper and will battle for the freedom of the human race from tyranny and superstition of all kinds and sorts.  It will advocate communism as the ultimate ideal as we believe mankind must have an ideal to strive for if they are to progress, and we can conceive of no higher ideal of existence than that to be secured but the cosociated efforts of a band of brothers striving for the freedom of all to enjoy life untrammeled by statutory enactments and deep-rooted prejudices fossilized by time.

 Anarchy demands absolute individual sovereignty, the right of the humblest individual to hold and express his opinions, to live his own life and mind his own business: that no-one shall assume to rule over any other, or attempt to compel others to conform to his ideas of what constitutes the best means of securing the general welfare.



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