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malatesta 2

Errico Malatesta c.1880s

May 20 1883  “Il Popolo,” an Italian weekly anarchist-communist paper, was scheduled to appear today.

The paper was specifically proposed to combat “the reformist & parliamentarian illusions which constitute the greatest danger by which Socialism is menaced today”, and, “since it is an urgent need for our party to organize round a neatly defined program, we shall try to destroy all double sense & co-operate with all our energy at this work of organization.”  However, pre-publication publicity found the editors quickly arrested: Errico Malatesta & Francesco Saveiro Merlino, Dominico Pavani, Camillo Pornier, Edoardo Rombaldoni & Luigi Trabalza are held for the next eight months, then charged in November for criminal association

Was “Il Popolo” published at all? Max Nettlau in his biography of Malatesta has stated that he thinks he saw it quoted in the “Questione Sociale,” and a single issue may have come out.  However the “Revolte” on 26 May makes mention of the arrests of Malatesta at Florence & that of Merlino at Naples, and observed, “The forthcoming publication of the Anarchist paper “Il Popolo” disturbed beforehand the repose of the government. Instead of having to suppress a paper, they content themselves to suppress its editors.”



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