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22 May 1971: Angry Brigade bombing of the police computer


On 22 May the Press Association received a phone call from a caller who said “this is the Angry Brigade.  We’ve just done the police computer.  we’re getting closer.”  The computer referred to was at Tintagel House on the South Bank of the Thames in London, which was also the home for the newly formed, and supposedly still secret, Bomb Squad.


 That Same night there were also simultaneous explosions in Paris at British rail HQ and the showrooms of two prestigious British car firms, Rolls Royce and Rover.  These were claimed collectively by the Angry Brigade, Group Commune 71, Groupe Marius Jacob and the International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement.


The Angry Brigade’s Communique No. 9 was issued on the same day:

We are getting closer.

We are slowly destroying the long tentacles of the oppressive State machine…

secret files in the universities, work, study, in the factories, the census, at home, social security files, computers, TV, Giro, passports, work permits, insurance cards. Bureaucracy and technology used against the people…to speed up our work to slow down our minds and actions to obliterate the truth. Police computers cannot tell the truth. They just record our `crimes’. The pig murders go unrecorded. Stephen McCarthy Peter Savva, David Owale — The murder of these brothers is not written on any secret card.

We will avenge our brothers.

If they murder another brother or sister, pig blood will flow in the streets.

168 explosions last year. Hundreds of threatening telephone calls to govt, bosses, leaders.

The AB is the man or woman sitting next to you. They have guns in their pockets and anger in their minds.

We are getting closer.

Off the system and its property.

Power to the people.

Communique 9

The Angry Brigade


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