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May 23 1887: Spanish anarchist Felipe Alaiz de Pablo is born



Despite being virtually forgotten today, Felipe Alaiz Paul was appreciated as one of the most important anarchist writers of his time. He was widely read, respected and influential as a writer and journalist.

In his twenties he abandoned a potentially brilliant career in journalism (he was an editor with Ortega y Gasset’s El Sol) to throw in his lot with the anarchist movement.  He went on to acquire a considerable profile in anarchist circles as a CNT journalist between 1920 and 1950: he was director of Los Galeotes, Hoy, La Revista Nueva, Fructidor, Impulso, CNT (in exile), Tierra y Libertad and Solidaridad Obrera (under the republic and during the civil war) and he was a contributor to a huge number of publications, including La Revista Blanca, Solidaridad Obrera (Paris), Umbral, Ruta, Acracia, La Noche, Día Gráfico, Voluntad.



The weekly anarchist philosophy journal Nueva . It was directed by Antonio García Birlán, with the support of Felipe Alaiz de Pablo

Opinion as to his merit has varied; some hold him to have been a man who failed to live up to his potential, with only his journalism worthy of the reading; others contend that his is the peak of anarchist writing this century.  In fact he only ever wrote one book, Quinet and it is hard to assess his journalistic output on account of its being widely dispersed (he wrote thousands upon thousands of articles). His writing style was noted for its emphasis upon irony and destructive criticism, with his sharp-eyed ability for uncovering hidden facts.



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