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Direct Action Gets The Goods

A major policing operation planned for Melbourne’s CBD over the weekend has been cancelled after a backlash over plans to include Australian Border Force (ABF) officials in the crackdown.

Earlier, the ABF had said it would be checking people’s visas on the streets of the city centre as part of the operation, which also involved Victoria Police and other agencies.

5tQfe6j - Imgur

Anarchist protest to Operation Fortitude

quick timeline:

10:14am ‪#‎OperationFortitude‬ announced
11.30am to 11.45am Snap protest called to oppose Operation
12:54pm ABF Clarification
2.00pm Snap protest begins
Intersection taken! Traffic stopped! Station stormed! Border Force officials penned in police station at Flinders!
2:26pm Presser cancelled
2:40pm Operation cancelled
Police Operation Cancelled!
Victory in four hours flat


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