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The Powell Manifesto, the antithesis of the Communist Manifesto


The conservative counterattack against progressivism perhaps started with a somewhat private declaration, even a secret manifesto, though a memo in form, written by Lewis Powell in 1971.

Called the Powell Manifesto, it is the antithesis of the Communist Manifestowritten by Karl Marx and  Friedrich Engels in 1848.

But the Powell Manifesto turned out to be much more powerful and much more effective for crony capitalists than the Communist Manifesto was for workers.

Rich moguls took to heart the Powell Manifesto which outlined specifics on how to achieve the revolution.

The Powell doctrine came to fruition with the use of obscene, and sometimes fraudulent, profit, mainly through the exploitation of the worker.

Conservatives led a cultural revolution through their hyper-partisan think tanks in an organized effort that had an impact far beyond Washington. Their relentless attacks transformed thinking in the realms of government regulation, climate change, taxes, poverty programs, drugs, and crime. Keynesian economics was replaced by supply-side economics with a laissez-faire philosophy, the latter, of course, favoring crony capitalism.


The Powell Manifesto in full


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