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The revolution will be made when people stop abdicating their activity.

Excerpts from Paraf-Javal’s The Absurdity of Politics [1919] (read the whole pamphlet here)

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The revolution will be made when people stop abdicating their activity.

The revolution will be made when people stop delegating their powers, when they stop nominating masters, when they stop allowing people like themselves to say: “You have given me the right to act for you.”

Authority will fall on the day that people stop imposing it on themselves, on the day that they stop creating categories of privileged, governors, oppressors.

The revolution will start at the exact moment when people abandon politics.

All revolutions have been times when people abandoned politics, when they concerned themselves with their destiny.

Every person who abandons politics starts revolution, because she takes back her activity, previously abdicated.


Even supposing voters and those elected desire to destroy power, the fact that one is elected contributes — not to destroying power — but to justifying it.

Furthermore, wanting to impose liberty through authority seems odd. Liberty and authority, we have often said, are incompatible to the point that one increases to the extent that the other decreases, and vice versa.

Up to the present time all societies have been established on the principle of authority. Even what is wrongly called socialism is a form of this principle. Delegating these powers to someone else charged with better distributing everything to the group (collectivism) is equivalent to giving up one’s rights. The distributing comrades will be the privileged, the governors, the oppressors. The others will be the governed, the exploited, the oppressed.

One who cannot accept being oppressed, cannot authorize herself to oppress others. The logical individual necessarily arrives at the conception of libertarian communism, which could also be called complete camaraderie.

Since the vote leads to authority, it is necessary to fight against the vote, not participate in it.


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