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Anti-fracking ‘lorry surfers’ receive custodial sentences/Writing to #FrackFreeFour Prisoners

Cautiously pessimistic

Reposting these two articles from Freedom/Netpol together:

“Four anti-fracking activists today received harsh sentences following a guilty verdict for public nuisance for direct action they have taken nearby Preston New Road fracking site. Three activists were sentenced to custodial sentences: two received 16 months, and one 15 months, while the forth protester received 12-month suspended sentence.

The three are the first environmental activists in the UK to receive custodial sentences for non-violent direct action since 1932. It is likely that the anti-fracking activists will suffer more prison sentences in the coming months.

The crown court jury found the Frack Free 4 guilty of public nuisance after they took the opportunity to climb up on top of the lorries delivering drilling equipment to the Preston New Road fracking site during a protest in July 2017. With support from local people they managed to stay on top of the lorries…

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