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Monthly Archives: December, 2018

Fascist checklist

Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley’s book, “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them,” finds 10 common themes animating fascist ideology and propaganda: ~Invocation of a mythic national past … Continue reading

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Nous Sommes Magnifiques ~ Le mouvement des Gilets jaunes

A round up of links to articles on the Gilets Jaunes that have caught our eye over the last month or so: Communization, counter-revolution & the … Continue reading

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In Defence of the Bad Working Class

  Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a middle-class life is the extent to which it shields its beneficiaries from fundamental, brutal realities. Most lower class people of all ethnicities … Continue reading

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expropriate the toys

Residents of the squatter community of Christiana, Denmark… have a Christmastide ritual where they dress in Santa suits, take toys from department stores and distribute them to children on the … Continue reading

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ACT 5: THIS TIME IT’S INTERGALACTIC #GJintergalactique A call out from the gilets jaunes (yellow vests), for solidarity actions everywhere. On Saturday the 15th of December 2018. It began as … Continue reading

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leftist gatekeepers

“members of the Identity Politics Left…are determined to prevent the working classes from rising up against global neoliberalism until they have cleansed their ranks of every last vestige of racism, … Continue reading

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Call from the Yellow Vests of Commercy to set up popular assemblies Here in Commercy, in the Meuse, we have been operating from the beginning with daily popular assemblies, where … Continue reading

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