People want to be in control of their lives


This is a well thought out and reasoned piece from a good blog. Any discussion about the points being made though would never get past kneejerk responses in most left-wing/anarchist circles:

“From over fifteen years of operating in grassroots activism, one over-riding impression I get is that people do not like rapid change when they feel they have absolutely no control over the direction of that change. Over the last fifteen years, this dislike of rapid change has been exacerbated by the further atomisation of society and an increasing decline in trust in government at all levels, the media, the education system – the list goes on…

“People want to be in control of their lives and also, how their communities develop and grow. Obviously in a late capitalist society that’s becoming increasingly dysfunctional, far from having any degree of control over our lives, we’re buffeted around by forces beyond our control. Expressing concerns about the way rapid change is impacting our lives is not reactionary – it’s an understandably human response to the situation we find ourselves in. When you have a situation of rapid change that many people feel has an adverse impact on their lives while not understanding the dynamics of that change, in a society where levels of trust are in decline, it’s not surprising that reactionary ideas can take hold in some sections of the working class if there’s no discernable positive alternatives on offer.”

Read the whole piece:

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