Don’t compete! — competition is always injurious to the species, and you have plenty of resources to avoid it!” ― Pyotr Kropotkin


Humans are naturally selfish and competitive? This article counters that by highlighting cultures that are generous and co-operative, and makes the point our own society will probably have to learn to be more generous to survive upcoming challenges

“In certain communities, giving to those in need, with no expectation of return, is normalized and expected. The project researchers have found such behavior around the world, including among herders and hunter-gatherers in East Africa. And findings thus far suggest that such generous societies are more likely to survive during difficult times.

“If that pattern holds up, lessons from The Human Generosity Project could be vital as the world faces a multitude of unpredictable challenges from the onslaught of climate change and increasing economic inequality.

“Ultimately, it would be nice if we could encourage higher levels of cooperation and higher levels of generosity,”

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