direct action not voting gets the goods



DIRECT ACTION “means that the working class, in constant rebellion against the existing state of affairs, expects nothing from outside people, powers or forces, but rather creates its own conditions of struggle and looks to itself for its means of action.” ~ Emile Pouget

Simply, direct action involves taking action for ourselves, tackling a problem directly without appealing to any authority to act on our behalf. It involves finding solutions and bringing about desired changes through our own self-organised activity. “Direct action gets the goods”, the saying goes. It’s effective because it cannot so easily be controlled, recuperated, or ignored. Being independent of any bureaucratic procedures or regulations, direct action can remain responsive to the needs and desires of those involved, adaptive to specific situations, and flexible to varying conditions. It is guided by our first-hand knowledge and not confined by orders from above.

Direct action might be an individual or mass phenomenon, it could be peaceful or forceful; examples include the workplace strike, rent strike, boycott, occupation, blockade, sabotage, and much more.

Through direct action we escape the confines of officially sanctioned channels for grievance and reform, such as electoralism, that are designed to defang or misdirect our potential strength. By choosing how to use our individual and collective capacity ourselves we take away from the power that corporations and governments have over us. In this way, direct action can be empowering: we learn to manage our own lives at the same time as we rediscover and assert our individuality. This kind of experience is fertile soil in which to increase our capacity for self-organisation, solidarity and free initiative. This personal and social transformation disrupts the normal functioning of hierarchies, which depend on the passivity and obedience of subordinates. Instead, we learn to combine our efforts – to organise freely – without submitting to any authority.

Via Liverpool anarchist :

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