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People’s infrastructure and a recuperated factory

VIOME, is a factory in the outskirts of Thessaloniki. Due to the general economic recession and the bad administration, the parent company went bankrupted in 2011, abandoning the plant of … Continue reading

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Corporate Watch: A-Z of Green Capitalism

Corporate Watch, A-Z of Green Capitalism Those promoting green capitalism argue that if nature was valued correctly it will not only be protected, but even enhanced, along with the health … Continue reading

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How UK football fans are fighting the far-right

Can Football Fans Resist the Far Right Surge? by Kieron Monks (originally posted here) The newly-formed Football Lads Against Fascism (FLAF) is aiming to build a working class movement to challenge the influence … Continue reading

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the marxist intellectual is of itself only capable of achieving a trade union mentality

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An Economy of the Poor and Productive

By Winter Trabex Workers are being denied opportunities. They’re not being trained or taught any new skills while on the job. The current system appears to prefer them to be … Continue reading

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Pëtr Kropotkin ~ Letter to Lenin

Pëtr Kropotkin Letter to Lenin (4 March 1920) Dmitrov, 4 March 1920 Esteemed Vladimir Ilich, Several employees of the postal-telegraph department have come to me with the request that I … Continue reading

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Anti-fracking ‘lorry surfers’ receive custodial sentences/Writing to #FrackFreeFour Prisoners

Originally posted on Cautiously pessimistic:
Reposting these two articles from Freedom/Netpol together: “Four anti-fracking activists today received harsh sentences following a guilty verdict for public nuisance for direct action they…

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