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Dispelling Ten Myths About Anarchism

MYTH #1: ANARCHISM MEANS CHAOS, REVOLT AGAINST TECHNOLOGY, OR ANYONE DOING WHATEVER THEY LIKE WITH NO CONSEQUENCE Anarchism is a form of libertarian socialism that opposes social and economic hierarchy … Continue reading

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To Buy Or Not To Buy ? that is not the question

It’s tough being environmentally conscious – you order takeaways that comes in plastic containers; you have a craving to eat meat; you drive your car instead of bicycling to work … Continue reading

June 10, 2019 · 5 Comments

All elections are dead ends

The Gilet Jaunes have come to understand  the truth about elections All elections are dead ends, as the movement has known from the beginning: we have avoided all the pitfalls … Continue reading

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the end of May will be in June

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all these right-wingers literally crying over spilt milk

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There’s a third position that can be taken on Brexit

A take on Brexit from UK anarchists – read the whole piece here: We’re anarchists and as such, distrust all power structures. By definition, we’re opposed to the European Union … Continue reading

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We Accuse

An open letter, originally published in French, written by a collective of French ‘Gilets Jaunes’ university academics – reacting to the social inequalities raised by the Yellow Vests movement, the … Continue reading

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