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all these right-wingers literally crying over spilt milk

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Letter from Joe Hill, November 29, 1914

Editor, Solidarity: I see in the “Sol” that you are going to issue another edition of the Song Book, and I made a few changes and corrections which I think … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter how green you make your lifestyle, capitalism is still unsustainable

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The Executive Coloring Book, 1961

In the 1960s “bookstores exploded” with coloring books geared exclusively toward adults. The difference between then and now lies in the fact that those books were adult in content as well as … Continue reading

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When d’you think grown-ups stop believing in capitalism?

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Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Divided and Conquered By The Ruling Class

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“Let the merry breezes blow my dust to where some flowers grow.”

100 years ago: Joe Hill executed on frame-up charges On November 19, 1915, Joe Hill, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World well known for his radical song-writing, … Continue reading

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