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“rigid radicalism”, or “if i can’t dance then it’s not my revolution”, or “disco is halfway to discontent”

About a century ago, the famous anarchist Emma Goldman was at a party, dancing her heart out, when a young man took her aside. “With a grave face, as if … Continue reading

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equal and just non-authoritarian societies are not only possible, but have existed on the African and other continents for much longer than the recent phenomenon of tyranny, the state, and capitalism.

  In literally every debate about communism or anarchism in the Western world, we run into the same repeated sentiment:  “It works only in theory or in small scale, but … Continue reading

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The revolution will be made when people stop abdicating their activity.

Excerpts from Paraf-Javal’s The Absurdity of Politics [1919] (read the whole pamphlet here)     The revolution will be made when people stop abdicating their activity. The revolution will be … Continue reading

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it’s not going to work if we don’t have a real movement

an extended conversation with Boots Riley, writer and director of “Sorry to Bother You,” some snatches…but the whole thing is worthwhile reading/watching BOOTS RILEY: And I think that’s something that’s put forward … Continue reading

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who can say this is mine not yours

Peter Kropotkin ~ The Conquest of Bread Peter Kropotkin’s “The Conquest of Bread”, along with his “Fields Factories and Workshops” was the result of his extensive research into industrial and … Continue reading

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don’t take orders / take over

During the rebellion in Oaxaca in 2006, people without prior experience organized themselves to run occupied radio and television stations. They were motivated by the social need for free means … Continue reading

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An Anarchism of the Working-Class: A Review of Whither Anarchism?, by Kristian Williams (To the Point/AK Press, 2018), Reviewed by Miriam Pickens

Originally posted on Institute for Anarchist Studies:
I appreciate Kristian Williams’ pamphlet, both the thought put into it and the challenge it represents. I learned a lot from its history, and…

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