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Today Is A Good Day To Punch A Fascist


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A factory as it might be

“…Thus our Socialistic factory, besides turning out goods useful to the community, will provide for its for its own workers work light in duration, and not oppressive in kind, education … Continue reading

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Fernand Planche, “To Be Anarchist”

“To Be Anarchist” To be anarchist is above all to be good; it is to think, to dream, to discuss without sectarianism. It is to hate everything that causes suffering, … Continue reading

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How to Sabotage Your Office

Four Methods:Disrupting Communications, Causing Physical Damage, Providing Poor Customer Service, Shutting Down Critical Services Sabotage is a deliberate act to damage or destroy property and disrupt business. If you are … Continue reading

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Politicise Your Imagination

Imagination. The capacity to create imaginaries: visions of other worlds in which our desires and projections can reside, or even thrive, at times when capitalism permits no autonomous space in … Continue reading

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The Powell Manifesto, the antithesis of the Communist Manifesto

The conservative counterattack against progressivism perhaps started with a somewhat private declaration, even a secret manifesto, though a memo in form, written by Lewis Powell in 1971. Called the Powell … Continue reading

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Pëtr Kropotkin: On Order

Those who accuse anarchy of being the negation of order are not talking about this harmony of the future; they are talking about order as it is thought of in … Continue reading

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