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don’t take orders / take over

During the rebellion in Oaxaca in 2006, people without prior experience organized themselves to run occupied radio and television stations. They were motivated by the social need for free means … Continue reading

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An Anarchism of the Working-Class: A Review of Whither Anarchism?, by Kristian Williams (To the Point/AK Press, 2018), Reviewed by Miriam Pickens

Originally posted on Institute for Anarchist Studies:
I appreciate Kristian Williams’ pamphlet, both the thought put into it and the challenge it represents. I learned a lot from its history, and…

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the people destroying the world are posing as its saviours.

  These elites believe and promote the idea that social change should be pursued principally through the free market and voluntary action, not public life and the law and the … Continue reading

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sabotage is easy and fun

  In 1944, the precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), created the Simple Sabotage Field Manual. This classified booklet described ways to sabotage … Continue reading

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dictatorship at work

In 2011, the Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania, published an exposé about the working conditions at a local Amazon warehouse. That summer, temperatures inside the warehouse had risen above a … Continue reading

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the life that capitalism imposes on us

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The gentrification of food waste

There is no simple answer to how we deal with food waste, but commodifying it is not the solution…. From the US Imperfect Produce claims they’re saving the world by … Continue reading

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